Friends with benefits!


Friends with benefits or as I fondly like to term it “Situational Friends”. What on earth happened to “Friends for life”, in happiness and sorrow, through thick and thin??? Friends have become like technology, everyone wants the coolest and the latest and when something new comes along, you discard them. Sometime later in life you pick them up and think “Hey! I remember this one, we had good times together”. There are times when my parents introduce me to their childhood friends and I wonder when I’m their age would I have such friends to share with my children!!! Often I’ve had people argue with me, saying that I am wrong. I would love it if they were right, but in most cases, few months down the line, with a grin on my face, I say “I told you so!”. School, college or work, we strive to be a part of socially accepted group and shy away from people called geeks, nerds and so on… The most popular people get to select their own group, some follow and blend in and some get left behind! We have friends “Categorized”, study friends, hang-out friend etc.. Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai, every friend is important right? I guess that’s nice… but what’s sad is when the “Zaroori” part goes away, the once still left are those who really mean the most to you!

Personally, there have been alot of instances where I’ve had lovely friendships, great chemistry but then life moved on, everyone got busy with life. It’s not that I have no idea where all my friends are, I know everyone’s on Facebook 🙂 but then that’s the problem – everyone is only on Facebook! We exchange a “Hi, How are you? Hoz life? Hoz work going on? Okay. Take Care. Catch up later. Bye” kindof conversations every 6 months of so! But, that’s all… Do those everlasting, wonderful, I’ll always be there for you friendships only exist in movies and novels? Where are those days, where I would travel down to some part of the world just to spend time with an old friend?

Materialistic world, practical lifestyles, the digital world or just busy schedules, give it whatever reason you may like, but there is something about this relationship that isn’t the same! Maybe I could have spent time time catching up with an old friend, but neither did they. Once in a while, I would pick up my phone and randomly scroll through my contacts, find someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and give them a call! I wonder if it made their day, it would definitely make mine. So haven’t spoken to an old friend in a long while? Pick up the phone and give them a call or even better go visit them!

Dynamic Clock using Javascript


Well as part of a project requirement when I was first asked to write up some code for a dynamic clock the first thing that came into my mind was AJAX… Yeah! Functionally a perfect solution… I guess the easiest too! But then as time went by performance issues started to creep up sending AJAX calls every second just to update the time now seemed stupid. A little more thought and then obviously the second best option was to bring it to the client side, that meant writing some Javascript or jQuery code but then again converting a server side time object into a client side time object is always a pain!

<%= obj.expire_at.strftime(“%Y”) %> These are RoR tags… You could change these depending on what language you are using.

So there goes my first post! Nothing complicated or new about it but something to start off the blog with… will be back with more stuff soon!!! And yeah a friend (female single author and a so called IT professional, not sure about the single part) asked me why start in the reverse order, with work first, well that’s cause I guess out of the three love, life and work, work has always been the easiest to understand and handle 🙂 Maybe the next post would be based on something about those topics too!